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HI! My name is Bryan Corbin. I am 53 years old and married with three daughters. When I was 13 my brother introduced me to drag racing. From that point forward it was always something I wanted to do.

In 1992 I survived testicular cancer. It was a life-changing event. The shocking reality that life can truly be short led me to buy my first racecar and pursue my dream of drag racing in my spare time.

In December of 2002 I was released from my routine annual cancer checks only to discover a lump in my neck in January 2003. After a radical left neck dissection (removal of neck muscle, saliva gland and 23 lymph nodes) I was diagnosed with non-specific head and neck cancer. After 3 weeks recovery from surgery I underwent 7 weeks of radiation therapy 5 days a week. I lost almost a year from full time gainful employment. This was life-changing in an even more powerful way.

My passion for drag racing is now used to give back to others affected by cancer. This provides me the opportunity to educate others about self-exams and early detection. All my race earnings are donated to cancer foundations. It is my hope that a cure for cancer will be found in my lifetime.

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