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Our Horses, Past and Present

My heart is heavy as I share the news of the passing of our beloved "Wilbur, The Really Special Horse". He stayed true to himself to the very end, trying to convince us that everything was going to be fine. We will miss him so, but are grateful for the privilege of knowing him and loving him. Special thanks to the Eaton family for sharing him with us for the past six years. Fly free, my friend.

There was a book published about Wilbur in October of 2009. It may be purchased for $10.00 at the following link:

Wilbur, The REALLY Special Horse




High Command (better known as "Wilbur") was a Registered Morgan horse. He had been a champion show horse before coming to us. He was a blood brother to Ryan (Eaton's Orion, pictured below).In horse terms, this means he had the same father; his mother was a full sister to Ryan's mother.

He came to us as a free lease from the Eaton family in Bellevue in 2004. We taught him another totally different way to enjoy life. He was always quite the character... a really special horse! He is shown at left with Jessica Crist in 2007.







Tye” is a 10-year-old Registered Quarter horse that is visiting us from our wonderful neighbors, the Lillie family. He came to us in April of 2010.

He was previously shown English and Western pleasure.  The first thing we taught him was to ride bareback without a bridle. He will be learning dressage in the future.  Right now he is learning to pull a cart, and to jump.  He’s loving every minute of it!  In 2012 he is officially being “promoted” to being our “beginner” horse.  He has several children lining up for their first show on him this year!

He is shown at left with a special friend (Sylvia) in the summer of 2010.


Dakota came into our lives in 2003, in a very roundabout way! He is not registered, but is about 14 years old. He's a bay Tobiano paint horse, and I'd bet he has quite a bit of Mustang in him. We've spent some time teaching Dakota to be "people savvy" and he is a very smart horse. He's taught everyone around him quite a bit. In 2012 we are committed to teaching

Dakota to be a true “lesson horse” that can be ridden by all.


"Tommy Boy" is visiting courtesy of The Eaton family from Bellevue also. He is an 11-year-old Registered Morgan and has been with us since October 2006. He has learned how to be ridden, and also how to pull a cart. He's very personable! In 2009 he made his debut at a few horse shows, and won the hunter hack class at the SPOOH Fall Classic October 3rd. He is pictured (left) with Alex Berger at the 2009 Horse-Nic.

His mother is Eaton's Star Dancer (pictured below).


"Sonny" is an 11-year-old Arabian that has been with us since June of 2008, thanks to the generosity of Elaine Schmitt. Sonny has excelled at teaching his riders how to canter. He rides english very well and loves to pull a cart. He is shown here (right) at the 2008 Horse-Nic being ridden by Macy Michel.



Gina was our beginner horse. She was a Registered Appaloosa mare that had lost her spots (she never had any!) She taught many people how to be "horse savvy"!  Gina retired in 2008 and spent her last four years enjoying her new home with the Houser family.  Gina passed away on March 13, 2011 at the age of 28.

Pictured to the left are Jessica Lagucki on Gina, (back row) Andrea Giovine and Molly Corbin, (front row) Annie Inscho and Sydney Hull- Picture taken in 2002 with our original group of students.  Not pictured is Emily Basham.


Fireball was our intermediate horse. He is a 25-year-old Registered Arabian. He has the nickname of Mudball because his favorite hobby is getting dirty as soon as he's groomed up nice and clean!

Riding Fireball to the right is Annie Inscho, picture taken in 2004.

Fireball was retired with Gina in 2008 and is enjoying life at the Houser Farm.


"Ryan" is our advanced horse. He is a 19-year-old Registered Morgan. His favorite job is pulling a cart and teaching people how to drive. He won the Liberty class at the 2004 KYOVA All-Morgan horse show at Eden Park May 29, 2004 (pictured at left with Tammy Corbin).

Ryan was so fancy we sent him to college June 1, 2008. Under the instruction of Karen Stephens at KKM Stables in Bellville, Ohio and sponsorship of Connie Carr and Joe Clark he won two of the three classes his first dressage show with Connie riding him.  He returned to us in 2011 (thanks and appreciation go out to Connie and Joe) and is taking an active role here teaching dressage also.

An extra special thanks to Karen Stephens for services rendered in 2011 also.

Want to visit KKM Stables? Click below-

Home - KKM Stables


"Annie" is a 20 year old Registered Saddlebred mare that came to us in October 2005 as a free lease from Joan Hammond in Yellow Springs, OH. She had an accident when she was a yearling that caused the loss of her right eye, but she has gone without it for so long she doesn't even realize she has a handicap! She rides and drives and is smooth as silk in her gaits. She is now proudly owned by Dene' Marcello, and moved to Connecticut in September 2010. She is shown at right with Megan Meier at an ICPHA Horse Show in 2008.


"Betcha" has an interesting story. It took over a year for him to find his path here, and much gratitude is given to the Marcello family and Betty Weibel. Thanks especially to Laura Marcello for sharing him with us. He is a 13-year-old Appendix Quarter Horse, and his father (BettOhio) was a very well known sire. He was with us since December of 2006 through September of 2010 and is shown at left with Emily Basham at the ICPHA show in Croton, Ohio in 2007. Betcha moved in September of 2010 and is enjoying life with the Marcello family in Connecticut.




Star spent some time with us from October, 2006 to July, 2008. She is the mother of Tommy, and came to us from Firelands Farm (The Eaton Family) in Clyde, Ohio. Star learned how to ride and got a good start in learning how to pull a cart. She is now known as "GRACE" and does ministry work with In His Image New Life Christian Stables, in Croton, Ohio. You can learn more about this ministry if you go to this link:

In His Image New Life Christian Stables



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