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2014 Horse-Nic (13th annual) was held on August 31, 2014.  Wet weather did not dampen our spirits, and we put our indoor

Arena into good use.  The Lord showed us a BETTER way!  To God be the Glory!



Pictured above:  Maddy Combs, Grace Potter, RYAN, Hazel Dingess, Andrea Dunlap, Jaclynn Moore, Kaitlyn LeFevre, TOMMY, Katie Traudt, Riley Tapper, Sienna Pace, SONNNY, Leah Tibbitts, Lauren Mazik, behind

Isabell Appleman, TYE, Jessica Crist, Lola Pace, Grace Sullivan, Sophia DeCastro, Ava DeCastro, DAKOTA, Andrew LeFevre, Lauren Beard, Kara Brown, and Tammy Corbin.  Not pictured:  Gretchen Houser.


2013 Horse-Nic (12th annual)!



Pictured above:  RYAN, Katie Traudt, Andrea Dunlap, Grace Sullivan, Andrew LeFevre, DAKOTA, Gretchen Houser, Allison Kelly, Lauren Beard, SONNY, Kaitlyn LeFevre, Isabell Appleman, Vivian Strange, TOMMY,

Katie Phillips, Leah Tibbitts, Grant Houser, Maddy Combs, TYE, Jessica Crist, and Tammy Corbin.  Not pictured:  Megan Rohr, Sylvia Strange.



2012 Horse-Nic (11th annual)!


Pictured from left:  Dallas Dingess, Isabell Appleman, TYE, Jessica Crist, Kaylee Swank, Grant Houser, Maddie Swank, Allison Kelly, Katie Traudt, TOMMY, Alex Berger, Janey Steedley, Kaitlyn LeFevre, Gretchen Houser,

Vivian Strange, RYAN, Andrea Dunlap, Paige Parsley, Kenzie Swank, Andrew LeFevre, Elizabeth Austing, SONNY, Emma Austing, Kylie Swank, Sylvia Strange, Katie Phillips, Jaclynn Moore, DAKOTA, Bella Goodrich

and Tammy Corbin.  Not pictured:  Megan Rohr.



2011 Horse-Nic was celebrated August 28th with great weather and wonderful fellowship.  The baseball team formed last year got to go at it again this year, trotting and cantering bases instead of walking them.  We also enjoyed a ground game demonstration and “tag” on horseback.  All fun!


Pictured above left to right:  Grant Houser, Bailey Armstrong, Alyssa Meier riding Eaton’s Orion, AKA “RYAN” , Andrea Dunlap, Alex Berger, Katie Traudt riding Eatons Fire and Ice, AKA "TOMMY"; Kaitlyn LeFevre, Sylvia S., Elizabeth Austing riding Apollo's Winter Sun, AKA "SONNY", Rachel Jantzen, Bella Goodrich, “DAKOTA”, Emma Austing, Jessica Crist, Megan Rohr riding Lopin’ On Easy, AKA “TYE”, Tiara Bolander, Gretchen Houser, Tammy Corbin, Andrew LeFevre. Not pictured:  Vivian S. and Megan Meier.


We celebrated our Tenth Anniversary at the 9th Annual Horse-Nic on August 29, 2010.  Below is our group picture from that day.  We had two teams (blue, and green).  Our main horse activities were playing “Boots-in-a-Bucket” and “Baseball-on-Horseback”!  Participants and spectators had a great time!


Pictured above left to right: DAKOTA; Alyssa Meier; Gretchen Houser; Alex Berger; Megan Rohr riding Eatons Fire and Ice, AKA "TOMMY"; Sylvia S.; Rachel Jantzen; Bella Goodrich riding Yabettcha; Annie Hartman (front) ; Emma Austing; Grant Houser (front); Tammy Corbin; Allie Nininger; Bailey Armstrong on Sorce of Anticipation, AKA "ANNIE"; Vivian S.; Jessica Crist; Kaitlyn LeFevre riding  Lopin’ On Easy, AKA “TYE”; Elizabeth Austing (front); Megan Meier; Madison Sojdak riding Apollo's Winter Sun, AKA "SONNY".


August 30, 2009 marked the date of our Eighth Annual Horse-Nic. And what a beautiful day it was! Below is our Group picture taken that day.

Pictured above left to right: Tammy Corbin; Eatons Fire and Ice, AKA "TOMMY"; Megan Meier; Alex Berger; Emma Austing, Sorce of Anticipation, AKA "ANNIE"; Cecily Nelson; Gretchen Houser; Andrew Marcello; DAKOTA; Grant Houser; Bailey Armstrong; Megan Rohr; Apollo's Winter Sun, AKA "SONNY"; Alyssa Meier; Allie Nininger; Jessica Crist; Eaton's High Command, AKA "WILBUR"; Rebecca Doeringer; Kaitlyn LeFevre; Rachel Jantzen; Jason Marcello; Laura Marcello, Yabettcha, AKA "BRIAN". (SCROLL RIGHT TO SEE EVERYBODY!) Not pictured are Jessica Nelson and Abby Brennan.

It's really hard to show synchronized riding in still pictures! But this foursome did an awesome job, to the tune of "My Wish", by Rascal Flatts. Alyssa Meier is on Sonny; Megan Meier is on Tommy; Cecily Nelson is on Annie; Bailey Armstrong is on Yabettcha.

Laura Marcello is shown to the left riding Wilbur. They made the perfect pair and rode a beautiful pattern to the tune "If You Want Me To", because Wilbur always does what he thinks you want him to!

Here is our other foursome of synchronized riders, riding to the tune of "Amber". They did a fantastic job! Rachel Jantzen is on Yabettcha; Jessica Crist is on Annie; Megan Rohr is on Sonny; Alex Berger is on Tommy.

Andrew Marcello is demonstrating part of his Ground Game Challenge with Dakota. The object was to encourage Dakota to move the ball with his nose or legs and get the ball through one end of the ground poles to the other. No problem!!!!

Grant Houser is having a blast! He thinks Wilbur can be quite funny at times. He had great success getting Wilbur to put all four feet on the tarp and holding the open umbrella over Wilbur's head for a count of ten. Great job!

Jason Marcello is demonstrating some creativity asking for the circle game and the squeeze game at the same time. Wilbur is cooperating very nicely!

Kaitlyn LeFevre is trying to communicate to Wilbur that she wants him to move his body sideways with his nose pointing toward the fence. He is listening intently to her (notice his right ear, which is on your left).

Gretchen Houser is demonstrating efficient use of "the friendly game" with Dakota. This important game is done before and after every other game. I think Dakota is in love!

Last, but not least, we have our Hula Threesome. It wasn't enough just to "dress up". They had to go through a routine of weaving and passing a hula hoop between themselves, while we listened to some very beautiful Hawaiian music. They did a wonderful job. We have Emma Austing on Yabettcha, Allie Nininger on Sonny and Rebecca Doeringer on Annie.

Slowly, but surely, the newer horses are learning to be confident and to enjoy doing some new things. Here's a test for you.... which horses do you think know how to jump and which ones are in the process of learning????

(By the way, who thought Annie had a disability with only one eye??)---

Ah yes..... we will get there sooner or later! Thanks to all the kids for having the patience and perserverence to teach our horses new things all the time!



The 2008 HorseNic was a bit different, as we had to learn how to exist without our beloved Gina, Fireball and Ryan being here! I couldn't imagine a group picture without them in it, so we opted to take it "horseless".. Everybody did a great job getting the newer horses adapted to the HorseNic!

Pictured left to right above: Allie Nininger, Abby Brennan, Bailey Armstrong, Stacey Houser, Shaye Kuhlman, Alyssa Meier, Gretchen Houser, Megan Meier,

Cecily Nelson, Lindy Carr, Rachel Jantzen, Emma Austing, Alex Berger, Jessica Nelson, Macy Michel, Jessica Crist, Megan Rohr, Rebecca Doeringer and

Tammy Corbin. Not pictured are Andrew, Jason and Laura Marcello.



The 2007 HorseNic was RAINED OUT (first time ever) on September 9th... It was rescheduled to October 14, and the weather couldn't have been nicer (and the flies were GONE!!!) Praise God !!! Below is a group picture:

YABETTCHA, Jason Marcello, Laura Marcello, Megan Rohr, RYAN, Alyssa Meier, Lindy Carr, Alyssa Zumpone, Emma Austing, ANNIE, Tessa Merkle, Ellie Sarle, Bailey Armstrong, GINA, Macy Michel, Abbey Brennan, Jessica Nelson, FIREBALL, Megan Meier, Cecily Nelson, Alex Berger, TOMMY, Emily Basham, Jessica Crist, HIGH COMMAND (WILBUR), Kaitlyn Headlee, Tara Fraier, DAKOTA, Grace Adams, Mikayla Fraier, Tammy Corbin, STAR, Rebecca Doeringer. Not Pictured: Leslie Meyer, Evan Motter, Meg Mathews and Michael Marcello.


Below are a few pictures from the 2007 Horse-Nic.

Pictured to the left:

Cecily Nelson on Annie, in hot pursuit of the soccer ball,

getting ready to score a goal. Good job !

Pictured to the right:

Kaitlyn Headlee is demonstrating how to jump on Fireball

without reins, using her carrot stick. She has just landed a jump

and is heading to another one. The next step up would be to jump

bridless (see Laura and Yabettcha below).

Pictured to the left:

Laura Marcello and Yabettcha struting their stuff jumping

bridless to the music "Come Fly Away". They did a

fabulous job!

Pictured to the right:

It's a bit hard to see, but Tessa Merkle (riding Annie) is making a touchdown (football is in her

hand and the cone is the goal post). Macy Michel on Fireball is trying to tag them before

they get there! Tessa's team members were Alyssa Meier on Ryan (not pictures) and Macy's

team members were Megan Meier on Wilbur. Both teams scored a few touchdowns!

Pictured to the left:

Although this picture is really hard to see, The Marcello Family

challenged the Meier Family to a down and out basketball

game. Dene Marcello is on Wilbur, Jason Marcello is on Gina,

Megan Meier is on Fireball and Alyssa Meier is on Ryan.

Both teams made quite a few baskets, and had fun doing it.


We celebrated our first year in the new building with our 2006 Horse-Nic on September 10th. My, how we've grown! To God be the Glory!!! Below is a group picture:

Macy Michel, ANNIE, Grace Adams, Tessa Merkle, Rebecca Doeringer, Michael Marcello, RYAN, Laura Marcello, Cora Headlee, HIGH COMMAND, Joey Leonard, Molly Corbin, Tiara Bolander, Jessica Nelson, FIREBALL, Jessica Crist, Ben Leonard, Tara Frazier, Meg Mathews in fron of Alyssa Meier, Cecily Nelson, DAKOTA, Emily Basham, Evan Motter, Megan Meier, GINA, Kaitlyn Headlee, Audrey Urban, Sydnee Haeger, Mikayla Frazier, Leslie Meyer, Tammy Corbin.


The 2005 (4th Annual) Horse-Nic was held Sunday, September 18, 2005 at the Corbin house from 2-6 pm.

We centered our recital around how we prepare ourselves and the horses for bridless riding. Below are a few pictures.

Pictured to the left, back row: Ben Leonard, Tammy Corbin,

Grace Adams, Molly Corbin, Andrea Giovine, Emily Basham,

Lena Bolander, Tiara Bolander. Front row: Jessica Crist,

Sydney Hull, Tara Frazier, Megan Meier, and Alyssa Meier.

Not in attendance: Cora & Kaitlyn Headlee, Cecily Nelson,

Maeghynn Gereluk.

Pictured to the right:

Sydney Hull makes a 360 degree circle away from

her with Fireball using the porcupine game. The challenge

is to not let Fireball's feet or Sydney's feet touch or go

outside of the white-lined circle and do this in 30 seconds.

Pictured to the left:

Lena Bolander does the circle game with Ryan.

The challenge is to trot two circles, reverse direction,

then trot two more circles WITHOUT LENA'S FEET

LEAVING THE HULA HOOP and do this in 30 seconds..

Pictured to the right:

Lena Bolander does the Yo-Yo game with Ryan.

The challenge is to back entirely out of the white poles

in a straight line without touching the poles and do

it in 30 seconds or less.

Pictured to the left:

Emily Basham demonstrates a Level 2 challenge. She gets

Fireball to put all four feet on the tarp, then allow her

to hang a hula hoop over his head and count to ten.

Oh yes, and do this in less than 30 seconds!

Pictured to the right:

Grace Adams does a Level 2 challenge of getting High Command

to serpentine around the cones and back. The challenge is that

Grace has to stay on one side of the white pole and High Command

has to stay on the other.. complete in 30 seconds or less!

Pictured to the left:

Emily Basham succeeds at a Level 2 challenge of getting

Fireball to do the sideways game straddling the white pole

and get to the other side of the pole in less than 30 seconds.

Pictured to the right:

Andrea Givone finds success as she can get Ryan to even go

CLOSE to the tarp!!! and he ends up allowing her to put

the hula hoop over his head and hang on his neck for a

count of ten... WOW! This is GREAT for Ryan!

Pictured to the left:

Tara Frazier takes the time it takes to get High Command

mentally ready to partner up with her to attempt the

Yo-Yo game through the poles. Good job Tara!

Pictured to the right:

Moving on with a Level 1 riding demonstration is Ben Leonard

on Gina demonstrating one-reined riding. No cheating Ben!

(That means no neck-reining allowed!).

Ben did a great job with this!

Pictured to the left:

Jessica Crist, riding Fireball,

joins Ben in the one-reined demonstration.

The foursome enjoyed the passenger game, rail game, and a

few minutes of a game of "tag".

The horses get quite competitive at tag!

Pictured to the right:

Megan Meier moves forward with another Level 1

riding demonstration. Notice she has a rope hackmore

on Fireball (use of two reins). She is demonstrating

a 9-step backup.

Pictured to the left:

Alyssa Meier, riding Gina, joins her twin sister Megan

in the "Simon Says" game. She is demonstrating using

a direct rein to move Gina's front end to go through the

dog leg.

Pictured to the right:

Moving on to Level 2, Tara Frazier uses Fireball

to demonstrate carrot-stick riding. She is using NO

reins, but using the driving game with the carrot stick

to guide Fireball around the cones.

Pictured to the left:

Andrea Giovine on Gina, and Emily Basham on Fireball

take part in the Level 2 Riding Relay Race. The objective was

to do serpentines around the cones without use of reins,

then do a 9-step backup through the poles, then dismount and

get the next rider on. Tara Frazier was Emily's partner and

Grace Adams was Andrea's partner.

Pictured to the right:

The last game of the day was "Boots in the Bucket". We had

two teams of five and did a Relay race. Each rider had to mount

their horse, ride down as fast as they wanted to the barrel and

get a boot, and toss it in the bucket on the way back.

Shown in the picture is Megan Meier on Fireball carrying

the precious boot to it's destination! It was a tie! Only two

people on each team actually got the boot in the bucket!

Pictured to the left:

Molly Corbin enjoys a break after the Horse-nic and takes

Ryan for a spin. Molly was instrumental in the success of

the Horse-nic. Thanks Molly!



2004 Horse-Nic was held at Rail Fence Farm in Centerburg, Ohio (Thank you Herndon & Belinda Harding and Harry White!)


FLINT, Molly Corbin, Brittany Crow, Annie Inscho, (Back row- Tammy Corbin, LOTTA-DOT, Emily Basham, Andrea Giovine, Tiara Bolander, Cora Headlee, Lena Bolander, Jessica Lagucki, RED), (Front row- Maeghynn Gereluk, Connor Gereluk, Mikayla Frazier, Herndon Harding, Tara Frazier, Belinda Harding)

Students Not Pictured: Sydney Hull, Elise Oliver, Lisa Bond, Jeff Hull

Other Rail Fence Farm Horses Not Pictured: LUCKY, BLAZE, KAYLEE, DUKE


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