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LIFE! One-on-One is not an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization, but donations of horse and rider supplies and equipment are always appreciated.  

Many, many thanks to the following people who have helped start us or keep us up and running. There are so many more not listed.


Thanks for helping with:

Herndon & Belinda Harding

Use of RailFence Farm facilities and horses

Todd Muller & Paul Williams

Use of Overbrook Morgan Farm facilities/hay, etc.

Scott & Lisa Bond

Use of their facility winter, 2003/hay, etc.

The Houser Family

Retirement home for Gina and Fireball/many donations

The Marcello Family

Free-lease of Annie and Yabettcha (moved, 2010)

Connie Carr & Joe Clark

Sponsors of Orion's college education/2008-present

Missey & Ann Eaton

Free-lease of Tommy, December 2006-present

Elaine Simpson Schmitt

Free-lease of Sonny, June 2008-present

The Brennan Family

Chore coverage during Tammy's 2009 surgery/recovery

The Rohr Family

Chore coverage during Tammy's 2009 surgery/recovery

Don Masson

Free-lease of Cherry Gina, trailer/buckets/tack, etc.

Dr.& Mrs. Thomas Eaton

Purchase of Orion & Lease of Eaton's High Command

Paul & Libby Rosen

Purchase of Liberty & Fireball and 12" hunt saddle usage

Jeff Hull

Use of his 2-horse trailer and lesson horse vacation spa

Colleen & Pam Lillie

Free lease of Ty (Lopin On Easy), April 2010-present

Lee Travers & family

TMF foal mentoring

Trudi Hull

Her seamstress expertise & horse show lunches

David & Jamie Martin

Best price ever for a 32' x 56' building and stalls

Mike Tuterow

Total donation of electrical wiring

Steve Graves

Total donation of excavating and water lines

Paula & Walter Jewell

Donation of facility and labor in 1999/2000

Danny Dandrea

Best price ever for bobcat work and cement

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Hillman

English saddle/use of trailer/much support always!

Delbert & June Graves

Best barn groupies/supporters anywhere!

Karen Graves

English saddle/many hours of time & sharing

Ed Flahive, Jr.

Legal Counsel

Pat Miller, Nick and Jack

Donated hours of labor

Pat Wright

Gravel and mulch transport

Henderson Trucking


Nelson Neibarger

Hay - best quality and service anywhere!

Lawrence Trucking


Table Rock Construction

Indoor Arena in 2005-2006

Joan Hammond

Free Lease of Sorce of Anticipation (Annie) 2005-2008

Nanette & Keith Windle

Hours of labor/ stall additions in new arena

Jeff DeLong

Donated hours of labor

Dave Zuehlke

Woodworking (plaque)

Karen Sanchez

Mentoring (NARHA/PATH International)


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